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Rad Child Podcast

Mar 6, 2020

This week Seth is joined by Fat Activists Isy Abraham-Raveson and Edith Bernier for a discussion about hot to talk to kids about Fat Positivity and Fat Liberation! 

Show Notes:


5:08- The Plus Size Backpacker

14:53- Jes Baker

58:38- Your Fat Friend

1:03:37- Next In Fashion

1:18:09- Lizzo

1:19:22- Steven Universe

1:20:04- Diets Don’t Work/Ditch Diet Culture

1:20:15- Bodyposipanda

1:20:47- Virgie Tovar

1:20:55- Shrill by Lindy West

1:20:57- Shrill, show on Hulu

1:22:03- Cher Corps, Je T’aime (Love Your Body), by Jessica Sanders

1:22:37- Lammily Dolls

1:23:34- Mattel Dolls Diverse 

1:23:44- Creatable World Dolls

Some Extra Recommendations for Adults:

(Thank you Isy!)

-The Fat Studies Reader edited by Esther Rothblum and Sondra Solovay
-Fearing the Black Body: the Racial Origins of Fat Phobia by Sabrina Strings
-Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jes Baker
-Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon
-You Have the Right to Remain Fat by Virgie Tovar
-The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love by Sonya Renee Taylor
-Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement by Charlotte Cooper
-Caleb Luna (
-Sonalee Rashatwar (
-Melissa Fabello [focused on thin privilege] (
Example articles: and
-The Body is Not an Apology (
-Ericka Hart (
-Other books:
-Fat Heffalump (

CW Eating Disorders:







CW Suicide:



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